Vanessa De Bal op zoek naar de hoogpriester(es)s(en) van de soul en funk

1 I’m a good woman by Cold Blood
2 Staying at home like a good woman by Lynn Varnado
3 If I’m in luck I might get picked up by Betty Davis
4 I want to take you higher by East of underground
5 Think about it by Lyn Collins
6 I got your number by Johnny Bristol
7 Listen to me by Baby Huey
8 Free your mind and your ass will follow by Funkadelic
9 Munayé by Mulatu Astatqé
10 Only a fool by Loleatta Holloway
11 Shoot your schot by James Brown
12 Like a ship by Pastor T. L. Barrett & Youth for Christ Choir
13 Turn me on by The Fantoms

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