Heel veel Belgisch talent in Mantra 4: Brutus, Amatorski, The Glücks, The Germans, Crites, Hypochristmustreefuzz en bovendien aandacht voor “Lokale helden” van Poppunt. Samen met andere lekkernijen natuurlijk

1. Rumble by Link Wray Rumble (Single 1958)
2. All Along by Brutus All along (Burst 2017)
3. Spanish Bombs by The Clash (London Calling 1979)
4. They Are Night Zombies by Sufjan Stevens (Illinois 2005)
5. Warszawa by Amatorski (From Clay to Figures 2014)
6. Black Tongue by Mastodon (The Hunter 2011)
7. Date with the Night by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (Fever to Tell 2003)
8. Mongoloid by Devo (Are we not Men? We Are Devo! 1978)
9. The Spitter by Hypochristmustreefuzz (Hypopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia 2017)
10 If there’s a Hell Below by Curtis Mayfield (Curtis 1970)
11 Blood on My Mind by The Glücks (Barefoot Sessions 2015)
12 Are Animals Different by The Germans (Are Animals Different 2015
13 Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix (Are You Experienced 1967)
14 Despoiler of Cadaver by Ty Segall (Freedom’s Goblin 2018)
15 Gangreen Boy by Crites (Crites 2017)
16 I Love You but I’m Lost by Sharon Van Etten (Are We There 2014)

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