De Pankraker, aflevering 4. De maandelijkse Potpourri-aflevering van De Pankraker. Van alles wat. Geen thema. Gewoon een weergave van hetgeen jullie DJ op dit moment erg geniet. Kort samengevat: veel vuiligheid.

Cacaphony Of Death by Funeral Chant (USA, 2017, Independent)

Chambers Of Lost by Chemical Breath (Bel, 1992, Crypta Records)

To Gaius! Part 1 by Paragon Impure (Bel, 2005, Goatowarex)

Infernal Power by Diabolic Night (Ger, 2015, Mortal Rite Records)

Take It Or Leave by Crucifixion (UK, 1982, Neat Records)

Byzantium by Crypt Sermon (USA, 2015, Dark Descents Records)

Eternal Void by Grave Altar (UK, 2016, Independent)

Empire Of The Damned by Messiah (Swi, 1986, Chainsaw Murder)

Make Noise Not War by Electric Funeral (Swe, 2010, Detonate Records)

10 Parish Motel Sickness by Eyehategod (USA, 2014, Housecore Records)

11 Toil and Trouble by The Poisoned Glass (USA, 2016, Ritual Productions)

12 Dead End by Entrench (Swe, 2017, I Hate)

13 666 (Hohelied der Wiedererweckung) by Katharsis (Ger, 2000, Sombre Records)

14 The Gnarling Dead by Maim (Swe, 2017, Soulseller Records)

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