Circumstancia nummer 5 alweer. Feelgood Radio op zaterdagavond, Vlindertje! Woesten B.A.R.D. heet jou welkom op Circumstancia, the voice van Meetjeslands Muziekplatform en Cirque Constance. Trouwens op 23 juni IEDEREEN welkom op de LEF markt in Kaprijke, een organisatie van Cirque Constance. Tot dan!


Hum by The Sheila Divine (1999, Boston USA, New Parade)

Borderline by The Spectors (2017, Blankenberge BEL, Ooh Aah Aah)

Velvet Superman by Lula Sweet (2012, Ghent BEL, EP Velvet Superman)

I Travel by Simple Minds (1980, SCO, Empires and Dance)

Still D.R.E. by Dr. Dre (2001, Westcoast USA, Hip Hop Collection 2008)

Cosmic Trigger by Stuffed Babies On Wheels (1996, Ghent BEL, De Gentenaar Kort Gerockt)

Satan is in my Ass by Evil Superstars (1996, Limburg BEL, Love is Okay)

Rock ‘n’ roll Star by Oasis (1994, M’chester UK, Definitely Maybe)

She’s so High by Blur (1991, London UK, Leisure)

Strangest things by Bobby C. (2018, Eeklo BEL, EP Smoke and Mirrors)

Summer by Buffalo Tom (1995, Boston USA, Sleepy Eyed)

Black Porch by The Presidents of the United States of America (1991, Seattle USA, The Presidents of the United States of America)

Small Supernova by Metal Molly (1996, Tremelo BEL, More Cheese!)

Stay by Gary Clarck Jr. (2015, Austin USA, The story of Sonny Boy Slim)

Bi by Living Colour (1993, NYC USA, Stain)

New Jack Hustler (Nino’s Theme) by Ice-T (2000, LA USA, Greatest Hits : The Evidence)

Last Bend by Magnus (2014, A’pen BEL, Where Neon Goes to Die)

I’m so bored with the USA by The Clash (1977, London UK, The Clash)

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