De Pankraker gaat opnieuw door zijn democollectie en doet een heel summier rondje Graspop. Vandaag nog eens onder het motto: vuil, vuiler, vuilst!

In The Woods… (Nor, 1993, Isle Of Men, Independent) by In The Woods…

Feast Of The Grand Whore (Gre, 1989, Satanas Tedeum, Independent) by Rotting Christ

The Final Massacre (Pol, 1990, Morbid Reich, Carnage Records) by Vader

Prowler (UK, 1979, The Soundhouse Tapes, Rock Hard Records) by Iron Maiden

Powerthrash (Swi, 1985, Powerthrash, Independent) by Messiah

Ærie Descent (Nor, 1992, Trøndertun, Independent) by Thorns

Freezing Moon (Nor, 1991, Rehearsal – In Memorium bootleg, Independent) by Mayhem

The Plunderer (Nor, 1994, Those Who Caress The Pale, Ancient Lore Creations) by Ved Buens Ende

Deathevokation (Swe, 1988, Dismembered, Independent) by Dismember

10 Find the Arise (USA, 1986, Demo 1986, Independent) by Xecutioner

11 Tales Of The Macabre (Can, 1985, Surrender or Die, Independent) by Slaughter

12 Die By Power (Aus, 1986, Taste of Blood, Independent) by Slaughter Lord

13 Severe Burns (Swe, 1989, Drowned, Independent) by Nihilist

14 Thesaurus Mali (Nor, 2001, Ad Regnum Sathanas, Independent) by Exitium

15 Return of the Freezing Winds (Nor, 1992, Bloodlust and Perversion, Independent) by Carpathian Forest

16 Depression (USA, 1991, Depression, Independent) by Life Of Agony


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