De vergeten potpourri van juni wordt hernomen in juli.


Shadow Of The Templar (Swe, 2017, Excerpts from a Future Past, The Sign Records) by Hällas

Pagan Altar (UK, 1982, Volume 1, Oracle Records) by Pagan Altar

Mordant Wind (Nor, 2018, Aura Noire, Indie Recordings) by Aura Noir

Horsemen / Weep On No Grave (US, 2015, Bloodfucking Freaks, MHOTR) by Throaat

Poetry From A Poisoned Mind (Swe, 2003, Only True Believers, Agonia Records) by Armagedda

The Night Of The Triumphator (Nor, 1995, The Forest Is My Throne, Moonfog Productions) by Satyricon

Incubation (Rus, 2018, The Frozen Casket, Metal Race Records) by Cist

Nigredo (Gre, 2014, Promulgation of the Fall, Martyrdom Productions) by Dead Congregation

Shrine Of Satan (Aus, 1986, Tyrus demo, Independent) by Tyrus

10 Without God (Swe, 1993, Dance Of December Souls, No Fashion Records) by Katatonia

11 Triumph Of The Guillotine (Ger, 2017, The Guillotine, High Roller Records) by Vulture

12 Ass Wax (Bel, 2009, Uptempo Blues Machine, Independent) by Uptempo Bluesmachines


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