Uw favoriete extreme metalshow gaat literair: de George Orwell-aflevering van De Pankraker. Enkel bands die in 1984 ontstonden of dan een steengoede plaat uitbrachten. Zo komen we bij bekende hitjes van Bathory, Sepultura en Sodom, maar evengoed onbekendere acts als het Nederlandse Inferno, het Poolse Merciless Death en het Colombiaanse Parabellum.


At Death’s Door (UK, 1985, Behind The Realms of Madness, Children Of The Revolution) by Sacrilege

Death Metal (USA, 1984, Death Metal, Independent) by Possessed

Black Car (Bel, 1984, Black Car EP, Giant Records) by Acid

The Beginning Of Darkness (Pol, 1987, Eternal Condemnation, Independent) by Merciless Death

Symbolic Immortality (USA, 1991, From Beyond, Earache Records) by Massacre

Evil Death (USA, 1984, Death By Metal, Independent) by Death

Chemical Warfare (USA, 1984, Haunting The Chapel, Metal Blade Records) by Slayer

Madre Muerte (Col, 1987, Sacrilegio, Discos Fuentes) by Parabellum

D.T.K.C. (Hol, 1986, Terror Strike, Independent) by Inferno

10 Burst Command Til War (Ger, 1984, In The Sign Of Evil, Devil’s Game) by Sodom

11 Raise The Dead (Swe, 1984, Bathory, Black Mark Productions) by Bathory

12 Players (Bel, 1984, Players / The Soldier, KP’s) by Golgotha

13 Land Of Doom (Mex, 1987, Death Metal, Independent) by Virgin Witch

14 Inner Self (Bra, 1989, Beneath The Remains, Roadracer Records) by Sepultura

15 Black Machine (USA, 1984, King Of The Dead, Enigma) by Cirith Ungol

16 Morbid Tales (Swi, 1984, Morbid Tales, Noise Records) by Celtic Frost

17 Blood Of My Enemies (USA, 1984, Hail To England, Music For Nations) by Manowar

18 Evil Metal (Can, 1985, Evil Metal, Independent) by Voor

19 Rock & Roll Gas Station (USA, 1984, The Wacky Hi-Jinks of Adrenalin O.D., Buy Our Records) by Adrenalin O.D.


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