Steven Pauwels, a native of Waarschoot, Belgium, has been captivated by the world of music since his early days. Back in 1996, he stumbled upon a new musical genre that would change his life: Goatrance. This discovery ignited his passion, leading him to collaborate with friends to organize unforgettable Goatrance gatherings (Goametric & Mental Gymnastics). In the years that followed, he assumed the persona of DJ Azsif, enthralling audiences with his mixes at Goa festivals and parties, both domestically and internationally.

In recent years, however, a new sound has emerged, evolved and taken over. It is too dystopian to be called disco, too melancholic for house and too musical to be techno. It is called dark disco, and it is music for strobe lights and smoke machines instead of mirror balls and lasers.

When Steven felt that same exhilaration he had back in 1996 upon encountering Dark Disco, he wasted no time launching his fresh DJ endeavor, Von Schwartz. Furthermore, he was honored with the opportunity to host a radio show on the Meetjesland online radio channel known as “Wit Konijn.”

Prepare yourself for a journey through slow, enigmatic dark beats, garnished with a psychedelic flair that will transport you to the moon in no time…